Painting Commission

One of the most amazing things about Sarasota is how enriched it is with art and culture. The Ringling Museum and the excellent Ringling Art School are both huge draws. There are also many local artists thriving here and there are always art openings, showings and events going on. I am lucky enough to have met some wonderful artists since I have been here and recently commissioned a piece by Steven Strenk, a teacher at Ringling and at Booker High School. He had done a series based on parking lots at surf spots both east and west coast Florida, and we fell in love with the one he did of Lido parking lot. It was however ENORMOUS! Brilliant idea was hatched to just do one especially for us of the parking space in front of the house. We brought the red Vespa, we laid out surf boards, he raced around taking photos of every nook and cranny for inspiration and came up with this incredible painting of our Lido Beach House. Love it love it. So colorful and whimsical and yet it just looks exactly like how I see the house. Thank you Steven!

steven strenk painting.jpg

SartQ Print Party

Every year in March, SartQ, a group of local artists here in town, put on a lovely event where they screen print their original designs on to T-shirts, paper or even wood in our case! We know a few of these artists and they are all absolutely amazing! 

This is how they describe themselves:

"SARTQ" is a collective designed to maintain a sustainable network of artists which provides and enhances the local visual arts through the creation of unique art experiences and educational programming."

 Steven strenk signing his print on wood.

Steven strenk signing his print on wood.

Lido Lounge

Throw back to a fun shoot we did for Edible Magazine which involved a full-blown fish cookout on the beach. Friends arrived by boat or by bike to the end of North Lido Park and we cooked and styled and shot photos and then as the sun set, we sat around playing the guitar and chatting. Super fun. The benches and tables that Dale had installed for people to enjoy have since been washed away by storms.